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  1. admin

    admin Moderator Staff Member is a FREE online community for EVERYONE who loves Disney. The best part is YOU the user help shape the site. We believe that everyone who visits The Happiest Place on Earth has a unique story that should be shared. Please take some time to click through the site and familiarize yourself with how it works. Below will be some terms to make it easier.

    This example will cover the Disneyland Category of the site:

    Category: Blue heading bar that describes what will be talked about below.

    Forum: The subject that will be discussed. Example- Disney Secrets and Theme Park Tips.

    Sub-Forum: The subjects inside a forum. Examples- Fast Passes and Beyond

    Thread: Threads are what users can post on the site. Any information that starts at the top with a question or statement and has comments below is a thread. This is the content that is created. A thread will show up in the area you create it in. For example: If I'm in Fast Passes and Beyond and I click "Start a Thread" it will show up in the Fast Passes and Beyond Sub-Forum folder. A different example would be clicking: "Disney Secrets and Theme Park Tips" and then clicking "Start a Thread" when posting this way the thread would show up below the Sub-Forum folders in the general population of threads.

    The site becomes easier and easier as you post. We're so excited you're here! Please share the Disney magic that keeps you going back to the parks for more:)
  2. Sandy

    Sandy Ms.Punzel

    How do I change my profile photo?
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  3. DisneyDude

    DisneyDude Administrator

    Welcome to the site Sandy:) The first thing you do to change your profile pic is look to the top right hand tool bar that says your name. If you hover over your screen name a drop down box appears. When this happens move your mouse to the avatar choice thats on the left side column. From that point you need to pick an image either off your phone, off your computer, or one that you screenshot or download. Please let me know if my explaining skills missed the mark haha.

    Here is an image of the drop down menu and avatar button highlighted. Again welcome to the site. So glad your here to join us!!

    Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 1.39.09 AM.png
  4. Sandy

    Sandy Ms.Punzel

    Figured it out. Thank you!
  5. MaryPoppins

    MaryPoppins Well-Known Member

    If you have any other questions sandy, I'm here to help!
  6. Sandy

    Sandy Ms.Punzel

    How do I change my name to a disney character like you?
  7. Brown_Sugar

    Brown_Sugar Member

    How do I get trophies on this site?

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