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    When you see a line forming at Disneyland, it is a safe bet there is something similar to a pot of gold at the end of it. Sometimes it takes a minute to find out what the line is even for and by that time it might be too late to join in the fun. It is a safe bet to always stick a member of your party in the line, while someone else figures out exactly what is going on.

    We can't speak for all of them, but we can tell you what one of the lines is for in the month of December. Freshly. Made. Candy. Canes We could stop talking right here, knowing that for your next trip for the holiday season you are already making plans to find this line and join it, but we will give you a little more information first and some fun facts to go with it.

    The hand crafted candy canes comes around once a year (hence the major line to get one). The candy canes are made at The Candy Palace on Main Street (Disneyland) and Trolley Treats on Buena Vista Street (California Adventure) and run $9.95 each. They alternate days on where they are available (see schedule below). The amazing creations are limited, so it truly is a treat to get your hands on one. Each batch produces 45 candy canes and takes about two hours to make and half hour to cook, with an hour to pull. There is a team of three candy makers needed to create each batch; one rolls, one pulls, and one shapes the candy canes.

    So how exactly do you get one? As soon as the park opens, wristbands will be distributed. Usually there are 40 wristbands that are given out per batch made, with three batches being made each day. That's a total of 120 wristbands......a small fraction if you are thinking of everyone at the park. Each wristband is only good for ONE candy cane and each guest can only get one wristband. (Note: some years the wristband will allow you to get two).

    After you secure your wristband, you will head to the candy kitchen that is producing the candy canes for that particular day according to the time listed on your wristband. You can pick up your candy cane anytime after your batch time, but before 4PM.

    There is a standby line in the event that there are extra candy canes after the wristbands are handed out, or if someone doesn't pick up their candy cane. One of our MickeyBoard members was able to secure a candy cane this year without waiting in a line at all or getting a wristband. (Lucky!)
    This is a fun bucket list item to add to your holidays in the park time!

    Here is a schedule of days that you can pick one up for yourself (2016)

    CANDY PALACE (Disneyland)

    Friday, November 25
    Wednesday, November 30
    Friday, December 2
    Monday, December 5
    Wednesday, December 7
    Friday, December 9
    Monday, December 12
    Wednesday, December 14
    Friday, December 16
    Monday, December 19
    Saturday, December 24

    TROLLEY TREATS (Disney California Adventure)
    Saturday, November 26
    Tuesday, November 29
    Saturday, December 3
    Tuesday, December 6
    Thursday, December 8
    Saturday, December 10
    Tuesday, December 13
    Thursday, December 15
    Saturday, December 17
    Tuesday, December 20
    Sunday, December 25
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